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virtual assistant, book demo, AI,
virtual assistant, book demo, AI,

Customer Care with


Discover the smartest virtual assistant

virtual assistant, book demo, AI,
virtual assistant, book demo, AI,
virtual assistant, book demo, AI,
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24/7 Responsiveness

Open 24/7
Because Your Customers Don't Clock Out

Thanks to AI, ensure a consistent customer service that responds instantly to clients' needs, regardless of the time or day. Make sure your customers are never left waiting.

Multilingual Support

Every Language
One Seamless Experience


Our AI-powered assistant detects and responds in the customer's preferred language, breaking down all language barriers.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Engage & Enchant
Every Interaction Matters


Through immediate and relevant interaction, boost customer engagement and loyalty. The AI can also trigger surveys and feedback to continually enhance the user experience

Targeted Promotions and Marketing

Cut Through the Noise
Deliver Messages that Resonate


With a deep understanding of customer preferences through AI, deliver tailor-made promotions that truly resonate, thereby maximizing return on investment

virtual assistant, book demo, AI,




Revolutionize the customer experience

virtual assistant, book demo, AI,
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Choose your Pricing Plan


Find the one that works for you

« Since implementing the Butly AI solution, our guest satisfaction scores have skyrocketed by 30%. No more waiting on the line or missed requests. Our front desk efficiency has improved, and the 24/7 assistance means every guest feels personally attended to, even during peak seasons. »

Hannah Mitchell, Hotel Manager

OceanView Resorts

virtual assistant, book demo, AI,

Your assistant, everywhere...

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  • What sets Butly.AI apart from other chatbots ?
    Butly.AI harnesses the cutting-edge power of advanced AI to understand and respond intuitively to customer queries. This isn't your typical chatbot, it's an AI-driven assistant designed to revolutionize customer interactions, offering human-like understanding at machine speed.
  • How does the value Butly.AI offers compare to its cost ?
    We believe in delivering exceptional value. Our competitive pricing ensures businesses of all sizes can experience the transformative benefits of Butly.AI without straining their budgets. Every interaction via Butly.AI is an investment towards higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • I run a 24/7 business. How does Butly.AI adapt to high volume periods or off-hours ?
    Butly.AI is always on, ensuring that whenever your customers reach out, they receive immediate and insightful responses. This means zero wait times, even during peak hours, and impeccable service round the clock.
  • What's a "Conversation" ?
    A Conversation is a 24-hour message threads between you and a customer.
  • Will interactions with Butly.AI feel robotic to my customers ?
    Absolutely not. Butly.AI has been meticulously crafted using advanced artificial intelligence technology to ensure interactions feel incredibly human-like. Our AI understands context, emotions, and subtleties in conversations, adapting in real-time to deliver responses that resonate with the user. With Butly.AI, you're not just getting a chatbot, you're getting an experience that feels as genuine and attentive as a face-to-face conversation with a human.
  • How can Butly.AI drive growth for my business ?
    Implementing Butly.AI is akin to unlocking a new realm of customer engagement. Our solution doesn't just answer queries, it actively engages and captures the interest of potential customers. Think of it as having your best salesperson available 24/7, without fatigue or downtimes. Butly.AI works tirelessly to understand each customer's unique needs, providing them with tailored recommendations and solutions. This proactive approach significantly boosts conversions, fosters customer loyalty, and elevates your brand reputation. The result ? Enhanced revenue streams and business growth that's not just incremental but transformative.
  • How does Butly.AI ensure it understands my customers accurately ?
    Our sophisticated AI deciphers context, tone, and nuance ensuring not just any response, but the right response. The deep learning capabilities of our AI evolve with every interaction.
  • How does Butly.AI handle multi-lingual customers ?
    Language is never a barrier with Butly.AI Our system is equipped to recognize and promptly respond in over 20 languages, ensuring a broad spectrum of customers feel understood and catered to. Our neural machine translation ensures that the essence of communication remains intact, no matter the language.
  • Data security is a top concern for us. How does Butly.AI handle user data ?
    Data security is paramount at Butly.AI We employ state-of-the-art encryption protocols, including AES-256 encryption for data at rest and TLS 1.3 for data in transit. Moreover, our infrastructure adheres to globally recognized compliance standards and regular security audits. This ensures that every piece of information shared with us remains strictly confidential and protected from any potential breaches.

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