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Data Analyst

Dubai - Dubaï - UAE

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

  • Gather and interpret data to address specific business questions.

  • Provide actionable insights for decision-making.

  • Visualize data findings using tools and software.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand data needs.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Computer Science or related field.

  • Proficient in data analysis tools such as Python, R, SQL.

  • 3+ years of experience in data analysis.

  • Strong understanding of statistical methods.

About the Company

Welcome to AZ Group at, a leading-edge IT consulting firm nestled in the heart of Dubai. Since our inception, we've prided ourselves on transforming the digital landscapes of our clients, driving innovation, and bridging the gap between today's challenges and tomorrow's solutions. With every project, we further solidify our reputation, making synonymous with excellence in IT consulting.

Our work environment, showcased at, thrives on passion and perseverance. At AZ Group, we believe in a holistic approach where creativity meets technology, and where our team members are not just employees, but pioneers eager to push the boundaries of the IT world.

Why join us? Because at AZ Group, you're not just starting a job, you're embarking on a journey - a journey where your ideas are valued, your growth is nurtured, and where the future of IT is shaped by the combined insights and expertise of every member. Dive into a culture of collaboration, continual learning, and be part of projects that are not only transforming businesses but also making an indelible mark on the global IT landscape.

Discover a place at where your ambitions meet opportunities, and where you can be a part of a bigger picture. Welcome to AZ Group. Let's shape the future together.

Data Analyst


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